Wedding Hair Headband, A sensible Guide to Decorating Your Natural Hair

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Wedding Hair Headband – Ever since I got the massive chop virtually a year past, I perpetually rummage around for cool ways in which to embellish my natural hair. I’ve found an entire world of accessories to embellish my weensy bittie Afro — from scarves and flowers to bows and headbands, my attractive curls area unit ne’er boring.

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When you add a pop of color, braid in some flowers, hide with a colourful scarf, or adorn with a cute band, you’re showing your vogue, showing yourself, and showing your natural hair some love. You’re also part of a great tradition.

Decorating natural hair has a history in the arts. From musicians like Billie Holiday to artists like Frida Kahlo, many women of color have turned to chic accessories to decorate their cute curls.
Let’s start with style icon and legendary jazz singer Billie Holiday.

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Holiday was the queen of the flower power look. She adorned her famous white gardenia by complete accident at first. Rumors say that Holiday burned her hair with curling tongs before a performance one night and did not want her singed hair to be noticeable. A fellow performer did some quick thinking and remembered there was a flower shop right next door, so she brought a bouquet of white gardenias for Holiday, who then pinned them in her hair. Holiday loved the look so much she was rarely seen without her flowers at any other performances.

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You can recreate Holiday’s iconic look with a white gardenia of your own. You can find a real white gardenia and clip it behind your ear with bobby pins like Holiday did, or buy silk flower clips for affordable prices at Etsy or Amazon. The white gardenia look is perfect for weddings, easy to wear, and stunning. You’re sure to draw comparisons to the icon — and who doesn’t want to be in that company?

A modern-day version of Holiday’s look would be the beautiful Solange Knowles at her wedding to music video director Alan Ferguson, wherever she donned baby’s breath in her voluminous Afro. On the morning of the marriage, Beyoncé placed the baby flowers in her sister’s hair in order that they would bloom over the course of the day. Their sisterly love had USA lightheaded.
You can be happy to merely place baby’s breath fine on your ‘fro, however the foremost common thanks to wear it’s to braid or twist it into your hair in order that it holds in situ. you’ll be able to additionally obtain baby’s breath wreaths here.

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The presence of white gardenias or baby’s breath in curled hair could be a stunning sight. it’ll extremely create your curls pop and convey attention to your pretty natural hair. in our own way to wear flowers with natural hair is colourful flower crowns, that work well with braids, curls, buns, and everything in between. A flower crown is simple to vogue around and makes an easy however daring statement.

It is quite simple to rock the “queen of flowers” look in your natural hair. Here is how: move to your native florist or favorite garden (ask first!) and appearance for flowers that area unit hearty-looking, each a large selection and during a texture and scent that you’re drawn to. Use tiny scissors to chop the flowers, then ensure to stay them in water during a cool place till you’re able to do your hair. after you area unit prepared, trim the stems down concerning one in. for tiny flowers and 2 inches for larger ones. Grab some massive and little officer pins.
Your hair ought to be clean and dry, however the second or third day when a wash is that the best time to place flowers in your hair, since your hair can hold them higher. Add no matter merchandise you utilize to place wetness and shine to your hair before you start.

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The beauty of a floral Afro is that the imperfections, so get a wide-tooth comb to make big sections of your hair; let it be rough around the edges for a more natural look. Start adding flowers when your hair looks how you want it to look. Start with the big flowers first, using bobby pins to secure the stems to your hair. Make sure to pin the stems underneath a layer of your hair so that it does not show through.
Continue doing this with the smaller flowers as well; you may not need to pin these at all, as long as the stems are long enough for your curls to grab onto. Kinky, curly hair can hold onto just about anything, so that is what makes the floral afro so ideal. When you have added all your flowers, give your head a quick shake to secure any ones that come loose.

You can also rock a floral mohawk by using a little more product to tightly comb your hair from the temple to the crown of your head first. You should then criss-cross the bobby pins to hold the hair up in place and add flowers and ferns starting from the front and working toward the back.

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For longer natural hair, the asymmetrical rolled look with flowers is simply lovely. Begin with a heavy side part, twisting the hair back and adding hair to it as you twist toward the back of the head. Secure the twist behind your ear with criss-crossed bobby pins, doing the twist again on the opposite side of your head to offset the hairstyle. Add flowers wherever you please!

Other cute ways to decorate natural hair are with headbands and bows. These accessories area unit low cost and might be found comparatively anyplace. decide those that fit your temperament the foremost and have them in your everyday look! The additional dramatic the pattern and colours, the better, however if you favor a additional muted, natural look, that works dead yet.
A popular trend within the natural hair community is sporting hair wraps and scarves. This not solely protects your precious curls, however additionally adds barely of fashion and color to your look yet. the simplest places to urge authentic head wraps area unit The Wrap Life, opera star Headwraps, Fanm Djanm, and Constant Covering. There area unit several, many ways to wrap a headband, and this video by Finally Fiona demonstrates however. notice your roots and rock a headband this winter!

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Whether you rock flowers, headbands, bows, barrettes, or scarves, ensure to like your Afro, curls, braids, and natural hair to the fullest. do not be afraid to point out off your true self and specific yourself in any manner possible!

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